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API References

By calling checkForAppUpdate method you will get response object as mentioned in below tables, using this reference properties user can customize alert for an app updates and maintenance dialogues.


appName""stringApplication name
appLogonullstringApplication logo
id""stringApplication id
isMaintenancefalsebooleanif true, show maintenance dialog using below maintenance props

Maintenance props

title""stringShow as title
imagenullstringShow image url
description""stringShow as description
textColorCode""stringColor code for text color
backgroundColorCode""stringColor code for background color

Android props

isAndroidUpdatefalsebooleanif true, Show Update dialog with option
androidBuildNumbernullstringAndroid build number
androidMinBuildVersionnullstringAndroid build VersionCode
androidUpdateLinknullstringredirect to link ed: playstore
isAndroidForcedUpdatefalsebooleanif true, show force-fully update dialog

iOS props

isIOSUpdatefalsebooleanif true, Show Update dialog
iosBuildNumberfalsestringiOS build number
iosMinBuildVersionfalsestringiOs build version code
iosUpdateLinknullurlit will redirect to particular url
isIOSForcedUpdatefalsebooleanif true, show force-fully update dialog